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How Your Grapevine Chiropractor Can Help Treat Your Headaches

Here at Lifetime Family Health Center PLLC, our passion for wellness means that we understand chiropractic health is about more than just the back. Our holistic approach means we understand that we are here to help with the health of the entire body.


Diagnosing Headaches

Part of solving a problem is figuring out what is causing it. There are a variety of causal factors that contribute to headaches, each creating their own kind of headache, necessitating different sorts of treatments. Our chiropractors are trained to be able to tell what kind of headaches a person is suffering from. In general, headaches can be broken down into three different categories:

  1. Tension Headaches: These are the ones that feel like a tight band around the head.
  2. Migraine Headaches: Typically, these may only cause pain in one side of the head at the time, and are often accompanied by other side effects such as nausea and extreme sensitivity to light.
  3. Cervicogenic Headaches: Pain manifests in different ways with this kind of headache, including throughout the face, but in general this type of headache is often closely associated with neck pain and tension. 

The Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches

The chiropractic technique of spinal manipulation has been shown to provide substantial relief for some of the symptoms of both tension and cervicogenic headaches. Because cervicogenic headaches are believed to originate with neck pain and poor alignment, a chiropractor is particularly well-suited to treat the headache by treating the underlying neck problem. In addition to using spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, and deep neck flexion exercises, are tools chiropractors can use to combat these kinds of headaches. Muscle tension can be a major cause of tension headaches, so treatment from a chiropractor can be an ideal solution for chronic tension headaches. Spinal manipulation or gentler, low-load craniocervical mobilization can help.

Your chiropractor can also be helpful in the case of migraine headaches, both in the diagnosis, as well as to work in concert with your doctor to help treat and manage the care of the condition. Chiropractic treatment for migraine headaches includes neuromuscular massage.

For Those Suffering from Headaches in Grapevine, Southlake, or Colleyville

Our chiropractic practice is here to help. Not only can we help explain how our skilled chiropractors can help with headache pain, more importantly we can relieve the pain. We at Lifetime Family Health Center PLLC are committed to health and wellness here and can diagnose and provide the treatment you need. To find out more, give us a call at (817) 310-0301. 

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