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Headache Pain Treatment at Lifetime Family Health Center

When a disabling pain in your head makes everyday existence a trial instead of a treat, it's time for you to seek solutions that can restore your quality of life. Medications can blunt the pain temporarily, but for long-lasting relief, you need to attack the headache at its source. Here at Lifetime Family Health Center, our chiropractic treatments can provide non-pharmaceutical headache management strategies for residents of Grapevine, Southlake, and Colleyville. 


What Is a Headache?

Why do people get headaches in the first place? Headaches may arise for a variety of reasons, from acute injuries, including neck injuries such as whiplash, to tumors or systemic health problems. Most headaches, however, are of the tension-headache variety. A tension headache starts when overstressed neck muscles go into spasm. Some of these muscles may be attached to sensitive cranial membranes such as the dura mater. The tugging action of the muscle spasms then provokes a pain response from these membranes.

Cluster headaches cause more severe and precisely-targeted pain than the more diffuse tension headaches. These alarming attacks occur (true to their name) in clusters, usually located near one eye. Cervical spinal abnormalities and alignment errors can make your vulnerable to these agonizing headaches.

Migraines aren't as common as tension headaches, but they can prove even more debilitating, partly due to the sheer number of symptoms they can produce. In addition to a brutal headache that can last for days, you may also suffer from vision problems, extreme sound or light sensitivity, faintness, nausea, and mood changes. Migraines seem to stem from a complex chain of events involving the trigeminal nerve and cranial blood vessels. Specific triggers can vary widely, from food ingredients and emotional stress to physical strain and hormonal fluctuations.

How Our Chiropractor Relieves Headache Pain without Drugs

Our chiropractor at Lifetime Family Health Center, Dr. Harrison, can tame your headaches in ways that medication cannot. A spinal evaluation may reveal alignment problems that are contributing to (or even causing) your headaches. Chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine can straighten out any imbalances that place your neck muscles under constant strain, reducing the muscle spasms that cause tension headaches, especially in conjunction with our massage therapy techniques. These same adjustments can also help you gain control over your cluster headaches. Chiropractic care has even proven its effectiveness at making migraines less frequent and less severe.

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  • "I began seeing Dr. Harrison for treatment of my lower back, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia. Previously I had gone to physical therapy, exercise, and taken many medications which were only somewhat helpful, and the drugs didn't help at all. With Dr. Harrison I feel that we've made great progress in relieving most of my symptoms. My fibromyalgia and arthritis seem to be improved, my energy has improving and my fatigue has decreased."
    Nancy L.

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