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Neck Pain

Lifetime Family Health Center Offers Help for Common Neck Pain

Neck pain can have a negative impact on your ability to do daily tasks, and may even prevent you from interacting with other people in a comfortable manner. Chiropractic care offers effective techniques that are drug-free and don’t involve surgery or long periods of recovery. At Lifetime Family Health Center in Grapevine, TX, we use a variety of techniques to relieve neck pain and problems with function.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Symptoms

Individuals may have sharp pain when turning their heads or ongoing soreness in the neck area. Pain can sometimes radiate to the shoulder, into the arm, or down the back. Some people experience tingling or numbness in their arms. A stiff neck, with a reduced range of motion may also occur. Headaches can accompany neck pain as well. You may have difficulty lifting or gripping objects if nerves in your spine are compressed.

Causes of Neck Pain

You may have neck pain after a particular activity, or may experience chronic discomfort. Simple strains when performing tasks can lead to neck pain. Poor posture can cause pain. Working at a computer for long periods, or bending your head over a smartphone, can result in ongoing neck discomfort. Nerve compression may be the cause of the pain. Damage to the joints of the spine can cause also pain in the neck and upper back. Injuries, such as trauma during athletic activities or a car accident, can lead to neck pain.

Chiropractic Techniques Can Relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness

Chiropractic treatment often involves a variety of modalities to relieve neck pain. Manual adjustment is important to re-align the structures of the upper spine, to reduce pressure on muscles and nerves. Heat and cold therapy helps to soothe inflammation of tissues and improve movement. Corrective exercise strengthens muscles to reduce pain.

Preventing Neck Discomfort

You can take proactive steps to prevent neck discomfort, by monitoring your posture when you sit and stand and by taking frequent breaks to stretch when working at the computer. Adjust your chair and computer monitor for comfort. Avoid smoking, which can affect the muscles and nerves in your neck. Be careful when carrying heavy bags, and avoid shoulder straps that can put pressure on your shoulder and neck muscles.

Make Lifetime Family Health Center Your Chiropractor in Grapevine

Dr. Jay Harrison uses his extensive training and a “whole person" approach to help his patients in Grapevine, TX, Southlake, Colleyville and other nearby communities achieve better health and wellness. We treat many conditions, including back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, work injuries, and auto accident injuries. Call Lifetime Family Health Center today at 817-310-0301 for an appointment to learn about the options for treatment of your neck pain problem.

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  • "I began seeing Dr. Harrison for treatment of my lower back, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia. Previously I had gone to physical therapy, exercise, and taken many medications which were only somewhat helpful, and the drugs didn't help at all. With Dr. Harrison I feel that we've made great progress in relieving most of my symptoms. My fibromyalgia and arthritis seem to be improved, my energy has improving and my fatigue has decreased."
    Nancy L.

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